Review Policy

[Update 26/06/15: I am now closed to review requests until further notice.]

Since I started accepting book review requests from authors, I’ve had a surprisingly large response.  As much as I would like to, there aren’t nearly enough hours in a day to read all of them.  Therefore, in order to get a review, you must follow the instructions and guidelines below or I will reject your request.  Seeing as I am now receiving quite a few review requests, I am also much more likely to simply delete requests that don’t include any or all of the information I ask for.  You’ve been warned.

What I Review

  • Teen-targeted self-help
  • All of the major YA genres: romance, fantasy, sci-fi, historical, realistic, etc.
  • Nonfiction teens would be interested in.
  • Self-published fiction that fits the above guidelines.
  • Adult books that teens could read

What I WILL NOT Review

  • Erotica.  Not interested, people.
  • Spiritual fiction or nonfiction.  I will not touch religion on this blog.
  • Poetry.  Unless you’re Dante, Homer, Virgil or Milton.
  • Any unpublished work.

So your book fits the criteria, great!  What do you do next?

1.  You must contact me via the Contact page here on my blog.

2.  I check my email three times per day, so I expect you to at check it at least once.  I don’t like waiting around for an author’s reply for days.  However, if I do not respond to you within 3 days, please email me again.  I get a lot of email and have probably lost your email if that’s the case.

3.  You must have a blog and/or official website as well as membership to 2 or more social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Fark, Reddit, etc.  You must mention these in your initial contact email and include follower statistics.  If I have to take time out of my day to read and review your book, you had better take the time to publicize my review, but only if it’s good.  I certainly don’t expect you to publicize a bad review.

4.  When you contact me, you must be able to provide me a free copy either in .mobi or paperback.  I personally prefer physical copies of books, but I know shipping to Canada can be costly.  In extenuating circumstances I will accept .epub or PDF files, but those are rare.

5.  When you give me a free copy of your book, it does not guarantee you a good review.  I give full disclosure in a review when an author has contacted me to prevent any conflicts of interest.  I review all of the books I read honestly and if you don’t like it, don’t bother wasting my time.

6.  You may mention if you want to do a giveaway or interview, but you must wait until I publish your review before we actually go through with it.  I’m not going to do a giveaway for a book I didn’t like.  You must also have a sizable enough social network to promote it through so I can actually get more than 5 entries.  Otherwise, it’s just a waste of my time and your money.

In addition to posting on my blog, if a review is good (usually 4+ stars) I will post it on my Goodreads and Amazon accounts and Smashwords if applicable.  I do this for both authors I review for and for any publishers who contact me directly.  Reviews of books I buy for myself rarely are posted on these other accounts.

I reserve the right to accept or refuse your request on a case-by-case basis.  I also reserve the right to call you out publicly on my blog if I feel you have mistreated me (as in name-calling, excessive snarkiness or anything that could be called ‘cyber bullying’).  When you submit your novel to me, you are acknowledging that if you are rude to me that you may become the subject of one of my articles and/or that your words may be included at the bottom of my review of your book for all to see.  These guidelines are in effect as of April 4, 2013 and are not retroactive.

Further reading for the particularly ambitious:


  1. William Amerman

    I love your guidelines. Especially the non-retroactive part. Hell, I think you should reserve the right to change the rules ANY time on rude people and blast them! Do you have a rough idea when you might be open to new reviews? I have an especially precious memoir covering the history of golf ball dimple design that manages, just barely, to stay out of the erotica genre. –Bill

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