Look What Just Arrived! (#2)

Well, it’s been a few weeks since I did my first post about my new books, so here’s some of the latest books I’ve bought for myself and been sent by authors.

3/8 of these books were sent to me by authors: The Secret War, The End of Infinity and FireSeed One.  I’ve read the two by Matt Myklusch already, but FireSeed One is definitely high up on my reading list.  Don’t you just love the cover?

4/8 of these books I purchased today from the ever-expanding ‘Almost New’ (aka ‘Gently Used’) section of my local bookstore.  I’ve heard excellent things about Simon Scarrow’s The Legion and The Song of Troy by the famous Colleen McCullough and I really don’t know which one to read first.  As for Wilbur Smith’s The Quest, I might as well finish the series I started.  The accuracy is questionable to say the least, but Smith’s writing style is pretty addictive.  As for The King’s Daughter, it’s set in my third-favourite time period: Tudor England.  And it’s about a woman working to overthrow the infamous Bloody Mary in order for Elizabeth to take the throne.  Personally, I’d like to hear Mary’s side of the story, but I guess I won’t this time.

Only one out of eight of these books is actually new and I purchased it after hearing good things from a friend of mine as well as reading an excerpt on Amazon.  I’ve already started it and so far, so good.  The premise of Starcrossed is stereotypical, so it will be interesting to see what Josephine Angelini does with it.

So what are you guys reading?  Found anything good lately?

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