My name is Carrie Slager and I am a young woman living in rural Saskatchewan.  I have a passion for reading and writing, which is why I started my blog.  I want to help people out by writing reviews about both old and new novels in the YA genre, although I’ll occasionally review books that teens and adults may read.  When it comes to reading, my interests are diverse and I’ll give most any genre/book/author a try.

My hobbies include reading up on ancient Egypt, listening to the History of Rome podcast (which I highly recommend, even if you’re not a big history fan), reading, writing, spending time with friends, volleyball, badminton, soccer and modern dance.  Of course, between all these things, I update this blog daily.

Here are some random/sort of interesting facts about me:

  1. I received my PADI scuba diving certification at the age of 13, despite a severe sinus infection that made diving excruciatingly painful.  The tank, weights and BCD probably added up to more than half my body weight at the time.
  2. On an average Saturday evening, there is an 80% chance you would find me watching an opera or reading.
  3. I have climbed 3 different Mayan pyramids in 2 different countries.
  4. Over the past 3 years, I’ve kept track of how many books I’ve read and I average about 200 books per year.

Obviously, this list is not nearly as awesome as most peoples’.

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    • I write a bunch of reviews at once (about 5 at a time, usually on the weekend), type them up, add pictures and links and save them as drafts. Then I publish one every morning. It’s pretty simple. But as for reading all these books? I’ve had many of them for years and I have a very, very good memory when it comes to books. By the way, thanks so much for following my blog!

  1. Woohoo! Another book review blog. I’m always looking for books to read. Ha, although my current reading list is quite long. I really do need to find the time to read more.

    Thank you for visiting my blog!

  2. YOu might offer your blog to some Saskatchewan public libraries OR offer to do a blog post for them and they can link to your blog. (So, more motivation to keep up quality content. :D)

    The librarians are busy people and haven’t got time to do a ton of book reviews for local folks. (I know I was a librarian –engineering and law. Work of what libraries do these days has multiplied because now there’s books, internet, blogs and other databases to show users.)

  3. Hey Carrie, You probably know me from the forums and weheartreading.wordpress.com.

    I was wondering what the best way I could get into contact with you in regards to our book site. Maybe email?

    • Yes, you may. Put ‘Book Review Request’ in the subject line and email it to me so I can read it on Adobe Digital Editions. And I would appreciate it if you put the blurb that appears on the back cover in the body of the email.

      • we’ll i love books and i am now following- i have read a couple you reviewed! look forward to reading more! hopefully I will start soon, I have a small library in my bedroom!

          • the hunger games, the white queen, the red queen, the constant princess- they are the ones i am certain i have read- i just went through the list! I have just completed a history degree so over the past 3 years i haven’t read as much as i would have liked, but read some amazing factual history books!- they are a worse distraction than tv!

          • i had thought that there might be something like that after reading the blurb of the most recent books you had reviewed!

        • Well, I have an ‘interview’ category, but I guess it is hard to find. As for the library thing you suggested earlier, I did look into it.I learned my local library does have a website, but to be honest, my blog gets more traffic than it does. After all, I live in a community of less than 500 people.

          Do you have any other suggestions? I do appreciate your advice.

      • That’s great. I was not aware that you wrote up such interviews (unless one ploughs through the blog).

        Have you considered interviewing people who might have been influenced by a good YA writer? Jean Little, from the Guelph area (at least back in my childhood/teenagehood) visited our school and did weave in stories from her books as well as her experiences as a disabled child. That left a strong impression on some kids including myself.

  4. Or approach an independent bookstore in Saskatchewan if they are interested in putting a blog link or allow you to occasionally be a guest writer.

    • To be honest, I buy my books from an independent bookstore in Alberta because it’s closer than any independent bookstores here in Saskatchewan! I’ve approached them, but they’ve been noncommittal. However, I have applied for syndication of my book reviews from The Masquerade Crew, a book blog and they have accepted. Hopefully that will raise my profile.

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  7. Hi Carrie, nice blog you’ve got here!

    I’ve always been fascinated with ancient Egypt although I don’t know nearly as much about it as I would like. I’m so jealous you got to climb two Mayan pyramids, what great experiences! Maybe one day…

    200 books a year, wow. That’s impressive. :D I hope I can get to that many one day.

  8. Hi I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award which is basically a thing for bloggers getting to know each other on WordPress. I love your site, and instantly followed you. I love reading too!!! I also have a reviewing website, thesweetreview.com. In there, there is all the deets you need to know! Bye!

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